Autism & SDS Guided Intervention

<b><font size ="4">Autism Intervention Video Programs</font size></b>This 2-CD program and accompanying manual demonstrates strategies for working with young children with autism. Focusing on the nonverbal or preverbal child, the video demonstrates how to interact with the child in a manner that will establish communication skills. Before children can begin to speak communicatively, they must have an understanding that other people have beliefs, intentions, and goals (called Theory of Mind, or ToM). The child then must learn how he/she can use gestures, vocalizations, and words to intentionally affect the beliefs and behaviors of others. This stage of development establishes the child's understanding and need for language to intentionally communicate needs and wants to others. The dynamics between cognitive, social, and communicative aspects of development are explained. This CD demonstrates how to engage the child in interactions at stages that establish the prerequisites to this important accomplishment. It then demonstrates how to interact once this stage has been reached.

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