LA38 Storyboard Manual and Set of 4 Tagboards

LA38 Storyboard Manual and Set of 4 Tagboards
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Narrative structure is the plot or grammar for a story. Every story has a setting, main characters, a problem, plan to solve the problem, attempts and outcomes. When children know story grammar, they can better comprehend stories they read and write more complete and organized stories. Storyboards include 1 with definitions, 2 with words, and 1 with icon. The 10 page manual provides many uses of the storyboard.

Storyboards are great visual tools for learning story grammar. Use the storyboard to guide story retelling fo imporoved reading comprehension, chart story episodes to follow complex plots, and plan story elements to write better stories. Place the large stickers on a strip of balsa wood to make a classroom board, the small stickers on paint sticks to make personal boards. Workseets can be used to write story elements for comprehension or for generating well structured stories. (Balsa wood or paint sticks not included).

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