Phonetic Transcription Tools

<b><font size = "4"> Phonetic Transcription Tools</b></font size>This Windows-compatable CD-ROM program teaches you how to listen for and transcribe the phonemes and allophones of American English. Video clips of speakers producing words are provided as practice materials. The learner transcribes these words using phonetic symbols. The program then provides the appropriate transcription as feedback. The phonetic symbols are introduced gradually so that the learner starts with a small set of symbols that are systematically increased in number.

This is the ideal tool for students of linguistics, phonetics, speech pathology, TESOL, dialects, and other applications of speech analysis.

The program is divided into two volumes, Phonemes and Allophones, each contained on a separate CD-ROM. Topics of the laboratories are:

Phonemes Lab 1 Front and Back Vowels Lab 2 Central Vowels and Diphthongs Lab 3 /r/-Colored Vowels and Vowel Review Lab 4 Stops and Nasals Lab 5 Approximants and Nonsibilant Fricatives Lab 6 Sibilant Fricatives and Affricates

Allophones Lab 1 Unstressed Vowels and Syllable Deletion Lab 2 Consonant Cluster Reduction and Epenthesis Lab 3 Stop Aspiration and Unreleased Stops Lab 4 Palatal, Nasal Place, and Dental Assimilation Lab 5 Alveolar Flap and Glottal Stop Lab 6 Velarized /l/, Devoiced Approximants, and Syllabic Consonants Lab 7 Vowel Length and Vowel Nasalization

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